Bad Blogger – Updates for Everyone

So it seems that I’ve been a bad blogger. I posted on here in quite a while. A lot has been going on since the last post, more so with MyGeek Technologies but we’re still here and kicking with tinyElk.


WordCamp Asheville 2015

Back in July, I traveled up to one of my favorite cities in North Carolina to give a presentation on Customer Service and how it specifically applies to the Freelancer. As a brief summary, we covered things like communication, availability, and choosing customers. I will say again, communication is KEY with customer service.

View the slides here:

Video the video:


WordCamp Raleigh 2015

Taking a break from the business presentations, I’m giving a talk this weekend in Raleigh on how to be your own SysAdmin. Basically, we’ll be taking a look at setting up a small VPS server from DigitalOcean. We’ll install nginx, php5-fpm, and mariadb. Install WordPress and off we go.


Simple Desk

A lot of work is still being done on Simple Desk and will continue to be so. Even after a year of intermittent development, it still has a way to go before I would release an alpha release. You can find the trunk on GitHub – if you’re brave enough. If you’re interested in the email to ticket functionality, shoot me an email at adam [aT] tinyelk {dot} com




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