Simple Desk – WordPress Ticketing System Simplified

For some businesses, a ticket system is the life of the business. It most certainly is for ours. In another world, I run an IT business that caters to other small to medium sized businesses. Our reputation falls on completion of tasks, solving problems, and following up with clients. When we looked at a ticket solution for the business, there were literally hundreds of options. Self-hosted, SaSS solutions, and a few WordPress based options that just did not meet our needs. A lot of them were overly complex, not well thought out, or just too damn expensive. So what does any self-respecting developer do? You create your own.

With that, it’s my pleasure to announce Simple Desk. Simple Desk is a ticketing system designed for either one person or a team of people to track tickets and customers with heavy focus on being simple. In it’s current stage, the stage of partial functionality, it can track tickets, have multiple clients, and multiple technicians. Email notifications work and email to ticket works, however is and will be a separate paid plugin.

Speaking of which, the core of Simple Desk will be free but will have paid addons. Simple Desk is currently available to use via our GitHub repo. Give it a run, see how you like it and make some suggestions!

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