WordCamp Raleigh 2013

We’ve been attending WordCamp’s for several years now, starting with our first which was WordCamp NYC in 2010. WordCamp’s are great to meet like minded WordPress enthusiasts, developers and designers. Aside from our NYC trip, we frequent WordCamp Raleigh. Once a year all WordPress enthusiast and businesses from North Carolina and others congregate into Raleigh for a weekend of WordPress. Now, normally we just attend these events and maybe help out in the genius bar if they have one, however this year is different. This year we decided to both sponsor and speak at WordCamp Raleigh. I, Adam, will be giving a talk on Sunday about marketing your WordPress store or business in the real world.

WordCamp Raleigh 2013 Speaker


Beyond SEO: Alternative methods of promoting your W

ordPress store – We will be covering topics that relate to WordPress but will not be entirely or exclusive to WordPress. We will be talking about how to market yourself and your WordPress based business to your local communities and in niches. We will be covering examples of how others have marketed their own businesses. Finally, we will have a discussion with the audience on what has worked for them and their business, to help spread the ideas and grow the WordPress community through ourselves and businesses

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