Category: Portfolio

Tango Down, an Arizona based company, offers innovative weapon solutions to their customers. Their primary tool to engage their customers as well as to conduct sales is their website. Before contacting tinyElk, they were running on an outdated PHP based seemingly custom website with an e-commerce module built-in. It was clunky and slow but more importantly, it did not allow them to dynamically update their site and products on-the-fly. tinyElk was able to design and implement a brand new WordPress based site with shopping cart capabilities provided by the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

The Northern Davidson Chamber of Commerce contact us as they were in need of a website that they could update themselves but also give a fresher look to their site. WordPress was the obvious choice for their needs, we quickly came up with a new design for their site and added several custom features to the site. An example is their Members Directory, each member can be easily updated and new members can be easily added without the need to know how to code!

The Shopp Toolbox is a collection of plugins written for the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress. These plugins and website was developed by tinyElk but is based on the Skeleton Theme by SimpleThemes.

Tactical Night Vision Company, or TNVC, has been a client for quite some time. While we did not do the original design of this site, we did rewrite the theme to be more performance-oriented. As this site handles over 10,000 unique hits a day, the theme as it was originally written could not stand up to the load. This site also uses the Shopp E-Commerce Plugin for their e-commerce needs, and is hosted by tinyElk Studios.