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If you attended my talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2015 on being your own Sysadmin, you may be interested in this. There are couple of questions that came up after the presentation on maintaining the site once it’s up and running. So there are a couple things to consider here.


File Permissions

File permissions tell the host operating system which users can access certain directories and files. If you followed my talk, we created the www folder under the root account so by default, root owns it. Whereas with our config file, the nginx process runs under the www-data user and group. I provided a bash script  to set the correct permissions to our /var/www/ directory. It sets the owner and group of the directory to www-data along with changing the file permissions to 644 and directory to 755. This is recommended settings from

Now, once this is set, you shouldn’t have to change it or re-run this script unless you upload or edit a file via SFTP. By doing so, you’ll be resetting the permissions and owner back to root (given you’re logged in as that).

Server Patching

Patching as we know, keeps the vulnerabilities at bay or at least reduces the chance you’ll be affected by a script kiddie. If someone really wants in, they’re probably going to get in. There are two commands that we can run, and I don’t recommend automating this unless you really know what you’re doing.

apt-get update

This command requests all the latest data and version numbers for all of the packages that are available from Ubuntu. This is required before we actually update any packages, otherwise we wouldn’t know what’s out there.

apt-get upgrade

This command is what does the heavy lifting. It will compare the packages installed on your server with what’s in the repos. If it finds any differences, it will mark that package for upgrading. Once ran, you’ll get a list of the packages that has an update available. If you choose to update, you’d simply answer yes to the upgrade.

Sometimes, some packages will want to overwrite your configuration files. I’d recommend against doing this and you can opt to NOT overwrite them by answering N (or no) to the prompt.

I would do this about once a month, go ahead and add it to your calendar.

WordPress and Plugin Patching

Finally, you must keep WordPress updated along with it’s plugins. You could do this through the command line via something like WP-CLI but I’d just recommend for the basic user to use the updater built into WordPress. Our setup allows for the webserver to do it’s own updates so there should not be an issue with that.


Finishing Up

By doing these basic steps, you should be able to keep your server and WordPress install up to date. If you have any questions, tweet me at @adamsewell.

We’re at WordCamp Asheville today and tomorrow, if you’re in the area come by and check it out. Starting off as a great WordCamp. Also, we have a talk at 1:00p on WordPress and Business, specifically talking to freelancers designers and developers.

Along with some other members of the Shopp community, we will be attending WordCamp Charleston on May 17th in Charleston, SC. My wife and I have spent a lot of time in Charleston and we’re very excited to see a WordCamp in one of our favorite cities, we have three.

We look forward to seeing you there and please, if you have any questions about WordPress or Shopp, find us and ask questions!

We’ve been attending WordCamp’s for several years now, starting with our first which was WordCamp NYC in 2010. WordCamp’s are great to meet like minded WordPress enthusiasts, developers and designers. Aside from our NYC trip, we frequent WordCamp Raleigh. Once a year all WordPress enthusiast and businesses from North Carolina and others congregate into Raleigh for a weekend of WordPress. Now, normally we just attend these events and maybe help out in the genius bar if they have one, however this year is different. This year we decided to both sponsor and speak at WordCamp Raleigh. I, Adam, will be giving a talk on Sunday about marketing your WordPress store or business in the real world.

WordCamp Raleigh 2013 Speaker


Beyond SEO: Alternative methods of promoting your W

ordPress store – We will be covering topics that relate to WordPress but will not be entirely or exclusive to WordPress. We will be talking about how to market yourself and your WordPress based business to your local communities and in niches. We will be covering examples of how others have marketed their own businesses. Finally, we will have a discussion with the audience on what has worked for them and their business, to help spread the ideas and grow the WordPress community through ourselves and businesses

Last night marked the second meetup for Salisbury’s WordPress Meetup group. This meetup was a social event, meaning there was no particular topic that was being discussed but rather a open discussion about anything but especially about WordPress.

Salisbury's WordPress Meetup Group

We were thankful to have Anthony Navarro from The WP Dojo there as well as some new members to the group! We are scheduling another meetup for May, which will be at the Rowan Public Library in Salisbury though the topic has not been set.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!